On March 30, Botswana confirmed the first 3 cases of Covid-19 cases after testing 191 people – two men and one woman. The government reported that two of the three patients recently been in Thailand and one in the UK. The three patients are isolated in a hospital and are under close medical supervision.

As the country transitions from preventing the virus from entering to containment, there is an expectation that the government will increase stringency. Covid-19 has proven to be highly contagious. Many countries have not yet been successful in managing the spread of Covid-19 and are focused on “flattening the curve.” Botswana has mostly observed ineffective attempts in other countries. The government is therefore expected to attempt innovative measures to attempt to prevent the spread of the virus.

The prevention phase has given Botswana time to consolidate resources and prepare for the containment phase. It is, therefore, reasonable to expect a delayed spread of the virus in Botswana.