Market Authorization through ZAZIBONA

One dossier approval gives you access to more than 10 countries. We will help you get it done.
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One dossier

One Evaluation

Ten countries

Each market authorization application is frustrating.

You have to deal with applications & inspections, separate requirements from each Health Authority, and end up managing teams in each country. It shouldn’t be that way. You should only have to prove your product is worthy once.

In the past several years, Southern Africa has developed ZAZIBONA – a harmonised process to do just that. You can register your product once for access to the fast-growing Southern African market. We can help.

Use the ZAZIBONA harmonisation to your advantage when registering your products in Southern Africa.


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We’ll walk you through the compilation & assessment process


Get market approval & enjoy business in 10 fast-growing markets

We Bridge the Gap Between Our Clients and Southern African Markets.

Our team provides end-to-end regulatory support to our clients. We clear the regulatory fog many companies experience and simplify their regulatory strategies. Our goal is to improve the success rate of our clients’ regulatory activities in Southern Africa. 

Led by a patient-centered pharmacist with a team of locally based regulatory consultants. We have been involved with ZAZIBONA since its inception and look forward to putting our expertise to work for you.